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Cracking The Intuition Code

In this fascinating, well thought-out and persuasive book, psychologist Gail Ferguson tells why she identifies intuition as a vital sensory system, like vision and hearing. She calls upon biology, evolutionary theory and dozens of intuitive incidents to set a sound, logical foundation for this mysterious ability that most people cannot yet use well enough to win the superb advantages it promises.

'If you've wondered whether intuition is real, Gail Ferguson's sane and comprehensive observations will usher you safely and soundly into this fascinating new world. Cracking the Intuition Code is an encouraging and engrossing exploration of the most powerful perception known to mankind, and Ferguson laces it with personal experience and truth.'

--Penney Pierce, author of 'The Intuitive Way'

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...fascinating and insightful exploration

''Gail Ferguson's Cracking the Intuition Code is a fascinating and insightful exploration of an always intriguing subject. What I particularly enjoyed was the way she grounds her understanding of intuition in science, showing us how things such as telepathy and precognition actually work as intuition's sensory messengers. Her discussions of biology and spirituality are also right on target and even profound. This is an amazing book and I can't wait to read more books by Gail Ferguson.''

--A Reader

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Ferguson knows her territory.

''Ferguson knows her territory.''

--Trish MacGregor

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She paints a clear picture of intuition as a real-world process...

''Gail Ferguson provides fascinating insight into many of the unexplained feelings and ''signals'' that all of us experience every single day, and the impact these curious events have on our lives. Unfortunately, many of us - especially those of us who are men - tend to ignore these occurrences far too often. Gail Ferguson has helped me understand that intuition is not just a ''woman thing'' but a meaningful force in all our lives, regardless of our gender.

She paints a clear picture of intuition as a real-world process with practical applications that can significantly alter the outcomes we experience in our lives, and illustrates the salient points with gripping, often amazing true stories and examples.

Since reading Cracking the Intuition Code I have been more consciously aware of and cognitively attuned to the intuitive signals... Read More

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