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Think about it - What do most of your hunches, gut feelings and surprise insights actually do for you? *

Psychologist Deciphers Intuition's Code
Gail Ferguson specializes in the area of human intuition, known also as ESP or being psychic. Since 1980, she has studied this ability in action and come up with a new understanding of its place in human life. Her conclusion is that its explicit natural task is to protect life. She teaches that it helps human beings, one by one, keep out of harm's way, and to do no harm along the way. Ms. Ferguson began investigating by isolating her own intuition and then learned to control it well. With that accomplished, her goal was to understood why it is useful. Finally, she began talking publicly about her theory and developed training methods for students. Ferguson says, 'Most of us have only had glimpses of our intuitiveness, because right now, it ordinarily op... Read More

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