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''Gail Ferguson provides fascinating insight into many of the unexplained feelings and ''signals'' that all of us experience every single day, and the impact these curious events have on our lives. Unfortunately, many of us - especially those of us who are men - tend to ignore these occurrences far too often. Gail Ferguson has helped me understand that intuition is not just a ''woman thing'' but a meaningful force in all our lives, regardless of our gender.

She paints a clear picture of intuition as a real-world process with practical applications that can significantly alter the outcomes we experience in our lives, and illustrates the salient points with gripping, often amazing true stories and examples.

Since reading Cracking the Intuition Code I have been more consciously aware of and cognitively attuned to the intuitive signals that come my way. Thanks to this remarkable book, I have learned to act on those signals and follow though much more often than I had previously. When I do, I find more success and peace of mind. Unfortunately, sometimes I still ignore those intuitive signals. I am still learning that when I do things usually don't turn out as well as I would have liked.

What's more, as a professional sales trainer and performance development consultant I am incorporating many of the ideas from the book into my work. As a result, I am finding that the most successful salespeople, virtually without exception, rely on their intuition to a significant degree. I am also finding that almost all salespeople can develop more customers and close more sales by honing and practicing the skills and techniques that Gail Ferguson describes and explains in this intriguing book.

Highly recommended for everyone who wants to take their personal performance to the next level!''

--Mike Stewart

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