In this fascinating, well thought-out and persuasive book, psychologist Gail Ferguson tells why she identifies intuition as a vital sensory system, like vision and hearing. She calls upon biology, evolutionary theory and dozens of intuitive incidents to set a sound, logical foundation for this mysterious ability that most people cannot yet use well enough to win the superb advantages it promises.

'If you've wondered whether intuition is real, Gail Ferguson's sane and comprehensive observations will usher you safely and soundly into this fascinating new world. Cracking the Intuition Code is an encouraging and engrossing exploration of the most powerful perception known to mankind, and Ferguson laces it with personal experience and truth.'

--Penney Pierce, author of 'The Intuitive Way'

'I have been looking for a book on intuition. Most of the books did not have much background or ways of developing your own Intuition. This book not only explains in great detail why we as a race have intuition, many examples of situations that had happened to the author and her friends, but also techniques to develop your intuition. 'Cracking The Intuition Code', is what its says. You find out what it is, why we have it, and how to crack it and use it.'

--A Reader

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