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As a psychologist, I am confident that intuition works as a mirror of nature, and as such, is one of our reliable sources of information about our surroundings. We can actually observe the ability operating in phenomena we perceive -- telepathy and precognition, for example -- and in moves we make that are driven by those phenomena.

During my three decades spent observing its influence on our behavior, I theorized that intuition is an active human sensory system. (I hasten to add here that scientists have not yet isolated it in the physical body.) By now, I have watched enough to see that it is useful and persistent enough to make me question whether it might be evidence of natural selection taking place in our times.
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Links below lead to a variety of organizations and publications that explore and debate the reality and possible merits of our intuition.

Note: in my view intuition and some aspects of the paranormal are labels for the same phenomena.

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