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Think about it - What do most of your hunches, gut feelings and surprise insights actually do for you? *

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Psychologist Deciphers Intuition's Code† †
Gail Ferguson specializes in the area of human intuition, known also as ESP or being psychic. Since 1980, she has studied this ability in action and come up with a new understanding of its place in human life. Her conclusion is that its explicit natural task is to protect life. She teaches that it helps human beings, one by one, keep out of harm's way, and to do no harm along the way. Ms. Ferguson began investigating by isolating her own intuition and then learned to control it well. With that accomplished, her goal was to understood why it is useful. Finally, she began talking publicly about her theory and developed training methods for students. Ferguson says, 'Most of us have only had glimpses of our intuitiveness, because right now, it ordinarily operates outside our control. Its real benefit lies in our future when we learn to use it intelligently. Many of our grandchildren will think it elementary, because the training will be part of their early education.'

A turning point for humankind?
'I think this ability is an emerging biological function that helps us humans adjust second by second to constantly changing surroundings. Although its information is different, it behaves much the same way as some of our known sensory systems. Think of vision and hearing. We will discover that intuition is a sensory variation that responds to environmental interactions that do not affect our other sensory systems. If favored for many generations, intuition could eventually push us humans to exchange information more efficiently and effectively with one another, and also to interact in new ways with creatures and events around us. In general, it seems to be one more useful human link with the natural world. Possibly, we are watching an evolutionary step in our species.'

Use intuition intelligently
People endorse Fergusonís work for two reasons. The first is our great need. We all want to tap every personal asset that will steer us safely through the ceaseless known & unknown changes that impact our lives. The second is her concrete evidence from thirty years spent investigating the matter. In her book, 'Cracking the Intuition Code', Gail states her basic conclusion: 'Intuition is a natural conductor of reliable information.' She is confident that we each can be taught to gather that information for the protective advantage it offers.

A highly respected global consultant, stimulating instructor and dedicated investigator, Ms. Ferguson holds a BS in Psychology from Tufts University and an MA in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology from University of Redlands, Johnston College, in CA. In spare time she delights in sailing any boat that floats on any body of water, amateur radio, writing about intuition, drawing and oil painting. She has three grown children.

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*Answer for the opening question ...
When you dig into your own experience, you will discover that your hunches, gut feelings, etc. usually do help protect by keeping you out of harm's way. Ferguson teaches that these experiences are clear evidence of intuition in action. She adds, 'if you know how to control this system, the bonus is that you expand your base of natural information, thus can move about in your worldly surroundings more confidently and successfully than you ever could without it.'

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